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Service Overview

NHK is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company. We offer a wide range of products and services in the industrial, commercial and consumer markets through our company. We utilize our expertise to work with and through our qualified personnel to maintain your expectations, excelling in our service to meet all your requirements

  •     Quick Service =our aim is to give you a quick and best service
  •     Reliable Service = We are dealing with more agents so reliability is most important
  •     Reasonable Prices = we offer high quality products with reasonable prices
  •      High Quality products = provide safe, high-quality products and services
  •     Experience(15+ years) = we have more experience with new technologies


CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, it is called this as unlike television it is not openly transmitted, it is built within a “closed circuit”. A modern CCTV System consists of CCTV cameras, CCTV Recorder (Digital Video Recorder, or DVR for short), a display monitor and of course all these need to be connected together using cabling & accessories


Access Control

A cost effective and highly flexible access control system for small to medium sized enterprises. The ACT smart products can operate as standalone or networked.ACT standalone range provides various solutions for standalone doors from digital keypads to proximity readers. These products offer a variety of features and solutions that are both cost effective and user friendly.



With a huge range of new and used phone system solutions NHK has a solution for every budget and every requirement. Whether you’re a home office, a small growing company or a huge multinational, we’ve got the right phone system for you.



NHK offers data networking products including Workgroup LAN and small-core switching products. These solutions break conventional business barriers by providing reliability, survivability, security, high speed QoS and remote connectivity..